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Bioprotector is the key constituent of our bedding! The discovery of Bioprotector is the fruit of a year-long study by our Research & Development Centre.

It is a 100% natural plant-based substance that gives the bedding a pleasant smell and has recognised insect-repellent, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Horse Cover thus protects the horse by repelling insects while simultaneously defending against fungus and microbes. Over time, the use of Horse Cover cleans the stables by reducing the amount of pests.

Patricia Kindermans
"Les Ecuries des Coudriers"


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Le produit Horse Cover et son utilisation

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Our products

Horse Cover Nature

  • An economic and effective product!
  • 25Kg. bag
  • Wood Granules for horses, vacuum-cleaned, with high power of absorption and simple handling.
  • Packaged in pallet of 36 bags (900 kg).

Horse Cover in bioprotector

Fruit of many years of studies and research at the University of Liège equine centre and the European Centre of the Horse.

  • 25 Kg. bag
  • Wood Granules for horses with integrated bioprotector, with antimicrobial, antifungal and insect repellent virtues.
  • Besides having a pleasant fragrance, bioprotecteur makes the litter un-appetising in order to avoid any risk of diarrhoea.
  • Packaged in pallet of 36 bags (900 kg).

Servant Horse BAG

Between bag and bulk, the practical, ecological and high-level healthy solution for the maintenance of very large stables.

HORSE COVER offers in exclusiveness to you this new packaging capable of containing up to 650 kg of HORSE COVER NATURE or with BIOPROTECTEUR. Just position HORSE BAG by piercing it. Then, by virtue of the guillotine system, you can in utter simplicity, fill the quantity desired in your bucket or your wheelbarrow.

Destruction of the BIG BAG prevents any risk of contamination due to its re-use.

Studies & Tests

Horse Cover is the result of a year-long study conducted with the European Equine Centre.
Numerous tests were performed on the mechanical characteristics of the bedding and on the Bioprotector.

  • Click here to see excerpts from the study report of the European Equine Centre on themechanical characteristics and the Bioprotector.
    We have also asked the European Centre of the Horse and the Department of Functional Sciences (sporting medicine) of the University Veterinary Clinic to evaluate the influence of our granular bedding with bioprotector on the respiratory functions of the horses.
    To consult extracts from the respiratory study report, click here..
  • To consult the full report, please send a request in writing to the following address: ZI de Ruette Latour - 6760 Virton
    The laboratory for environmental, toxicological and food processing checks and analysis also tested the compostability of the material.
  • Click here to see the compostability analysis results.

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  • Spread 6 bags of Horse Cover per 9 m2 stall. After 24 hours, you will see the bedding transform into a soft mattress and increase in volume to double the initial volume. It is recommended to slightly dampen the bedding to speed up the expansion process.
  • The volume will increase as urine is absorbed.
  • It is recommended to clean the bedding daily and to aerate it every 3-4 days in order to avoid the formation of solid blocks and to ensure maximum comfort.
  • The bedding is easy to clean. Simply remove the material cemented together by urine and the droppings that will have remained on the surface and replace with new Horse Cover bedding. A regularly maintained stall will therefore not need to be completely mucked-out.
  • The soiled bedding can be mixed with the manure and spread on the fields.


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Patricia Kindermans
"Les Ecuries des Coudriers"


Reportage de TV LUX
Le produit Horse Cover et son utilisation


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